How to run algorithms with YiiMP | YiiMP Mining pool

how to run algorithms on yiimp pool

Once you are done installing the coin wallet on your server, then we are ready to run the algorithm for our coin.

First, login to your server on a new window thru ssh, and type the following:

1 - Using the stratum-script


Once there, change the algorithm. Example:


Type i to edit, and click esc on keyboard then type ZZ to save, or press control+z to cancel.

screen -dmS groestl $STRATUM_DIR/ groestl

Running the stratums manually.

cd ..

cd /var/stratum/config


yiimp config

Find the port for the algo and open it on "Firewall Policies".

sudo vim x11.config

yiimp skunk.conf

To exit, hold Control and press z

Run  your algorithm by typing

sudo bash x11

To modify an algorithm  type

sudo vim your-algo.conf

to edit type


when done editing click esc on keyboard

then type ZZ to save.

******Leave your windows open otherwise your pool will not work******


  1. Shit explanation lacking information for people not as experience as you are...


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