How to modify settings Pool (IPs, Fees, Public and Secret Keys) | YiiMP Mining pool

serverconfig.php yiimp

Changing settings for the pool is as simple as logging to your server.

  1. /var/web/serverconfig.php - update this file to include your public ip to access the admin panel. update with public keys from exchanges. update with other information specific to your server..

cd /var/web/

sudo vim serverconfig.php

Type i to edit  Public Keys, IPs and Fees.

serverconfig.php yiimp

Press esc on keyboard and type ZZ when done editing.

Changing Private Keys

  1. /etc/yiimp/keys.php - update with secret keys from the exchanges.
sudo vim /etc/yiimp/keys.php

Type i to edit

keys.php yiimp

Press esc on keyboard, type ZZ when done editing.


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