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Make your own mining pool

It's been almost a decade since Bitcoin was launched online, at the time, mining was only performed by geeks because the coding skills required for the task were simply to high for the ordinary user. Today anyone with a PC and access to internet can create a revenue by mining, and that opens up for even  greater income opportunities, and creating a "Mining Pool" Can be one of them.

You can earn a percentage from any cryptocurrency you want just by hosting a mining pool on your website. Now, creating a mining pool can be a little challenging if you are not very familiar with SSH connections or protocols, coding skills or different OS knowledge such as for windows, linux and mac.
On this guide I will try to make this challenge a little be easier, by providing the steps and tools you will need to perform this task.

How to make a YiiMP mining pool

  1. Guide to open ports ...
  2. Guide to install wallets on Server ...
  3. Guide to modify settings (IPs, Fees, Public and Secret Keys)
  4. Guide to setup a new coin wallet on Pool ...
  5. Guide to run the algorithms...

Requirements for a small pool (Recommended)

  1. A clean (No third party extras) Ubuntu server 16.04, Cores 2, Ram 2 GB, SSH 80 GB
  2. Website address
  3. Basic Linux knowledge 
  4. Constant monitoring 

The Pool

We are using the Open Source YIIMP mining platform for this tutorial for its simplicity and flexibility. 

Website and server

You will need a website address and Virtual Server for this project, if you don't have either of those, I highly recommend you to get them from 1and1.  
Pool example
1and1 is the provider I'm currently using because they provide root access to the servers  which is required for this project and very efficient customer service.  (Also, I want you to know that I'm not  trying to make you get their services thru my referral links,  this is just my experience with them, but I would really appreciate it if you do ).



Getting the server and website address from 1and1 click here for tutorial.

Login to your 1and1 account, on your dashboard on the left side click Domains.

Point your website to your server, click the small gear icon and select "DNS Settings".
DNS settings

For severs with 1and1 scroll down to A/AAAA Records and select VM/IP and select the server you desire.

A/AAAA Records

 Servers outside 1and1 select "others IP addresses.

IP address

The website is now linked to our server, now make sure you have access to your server thru ssh, for mac, open up terminal.
terminal mac

Go to top tab and under shell select "new remote connection"

mac remote connection

Add your IP by clicking the plus icon.

ssh remote connection mac

Once logged in, we will need a new user, for that type the following .  

adduser your-user-name

add new user ubuntu

  Enter your password (A different password than for root)

add new user ubuntu

Grant sudo privileges to new user.

usermod -aG sudo your-user-name

add sudo privileges

Create a new dir folder, it will be needed later

mkdir backup

Connect to the new user

ssh conncetion

Once connected type the following to make sure everything is working.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl
sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install unzip
sudo apt-get install vim
sudo apt-get update

Now we are ready for the install, but before that, we will need to download the automated script installer for the yiimp platform.

sudo git clone 

cd yiimp_install_scrypt

*****Do not run the script as root - no sudo before bash*****


Then answer the following example:

yiimp script installation

Install script for yiimp on Ubuntu 16.04

# yiimp
Install script for yiimp on Ubuntu 16.04

While I did add some server security to the script, it is every server owners responsibility to fully secure their own servers. After the installation you will still need to customize your serverconfig.php file to your liking, add your API keys, and build/add your coins to the control panel. 

There will be several wallets already in yiimp. These have nothing to do with the installation script and are from the database import from the yiimp github. 

*****Do not run the script as root*****

This script has an interactive beginning and will ask for the following information:

Your time zone
Server Name 
Support Email Address
Server Admin Email Address
New custom location for yiimp admin login.  CustomNamePanel to login to dashboard
Add your IP address
If you would like fail2ban installed
If you would like to have SSL (LetsEncrypt) installed - Your domain must be pointed to your server prior to running the script or SSL will fail to install. 

Once the above questions are answered the script will then be fully automated for the rest of the install. 

1. Update and Upgrade Ubuntu Packages
2. Install Aptitude
3. Install and configure Nginx
4. Install MariaDB with random root password
5. Install php7
6. Install various dev packages required for building blocknotify and stratum
7. Install SendMail
8. Install Fail2Ban if selected
9. Install and configur phpmyadmin with random password for phpmyadmin user
10. Clone yiimp build packages, create directory structure, set file permissions, and more
11. Update server clock
12. Install LetsEncrypt if selected
13. Create yiimp database, create 2 users with random passwords - passwords saved in ~/.my.cnf
14. Import the sql dumps from yiimp
15. Create base yiimp serverconfig.php file to get you going
16. Updates all directory permissions

This install script will get you 95% ready to go with yiimp. There are a few things you need to do after the main install is finished.

You must update the following files. GUIDE:

1. sudo vim /var/web/serverconfig.php - update this file to include your public ip to access the admin panel. update with public keys from exchanges. update with other information specific to your server..
2. sudo vim /etc/yiimp/keys.php - update with secret keys from the exchanges. 
To download and run 


sudo git clone 

cd yiimp_install_scrypt


If this helped you or you feel giving please donate BTC Donation: 1CP81781b9zHLDgSwTS13HpUR5tLuN5rNF

Feel free to join our Discord channel at


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  2. Seguiste la guia completa?

  3. Estoy buscando guias de como instalar monedas en YIIMP que corren en algoritmos como Skein, Skunk, x16s, x16r, neoscrypt pero no encuentro nada.

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